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Wolfe Pack Taekwondo
5085 South 76th East Avenue
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Our annual extravaganza before summer break. Win medals and prizes showing off your ninja skills in 10 events:
Open Forms/Poomse – All Form/Kata/Poomse Styles
Creative Breaking – Cost includes 4 boards.
High Kick Challenge – How High Can You Reach the Target?
Speed Kick/Punch Challenge – Be the Fastest in 1 Minute!
Speed Breaking – How Fast Can You Break 10 Boards? Cost Includes 10 Boards!
Weapons Form – Show off Your Deadly Skills in Weapons
Sumo Sparring (Ages 9 and under)
Weapons Sparring (Ages 10 and up – Padded Weapons)
Stick Fighting – Take the Stick Away From Your Opponent
Power Breaking – Hit As Many As You Can In 1 Try.