Wolfe Pack Taekwondo Reviews

  • We absolutely love this place. They teach wonderful principles and self defense. The owners and instructors are so patient and caring with the kids!!

    Connie G.
  • The Wolfe's that own the place are wonderful people. The teacher's are wonderful. I recommend this place highly.

    Susie R.
  • We had our son’s birthday party here (6 y/o). He wanted a “ninja party”. First, let me say that they were beyond easy to communicate with, which is always a big deal for me. Secondly, the kids had an absolutely amazing time.

    The owners were present and ran the show which is very nice. They had the kids constantly engaged and parents were allowed to enjoy the kids as well as each other without having to worry. They did a short “class” which the kids thought was awesome and set up obstacles such as a climbing rope, rings, bars, swings etc. that the kids loved. It was a perfect mix of structure and free play. During the obstacle/free play time the owner was out there showing kids different things, engaging with the kids, and set up a zip line which was a huge hit. Every parent that came complimented the place and the activities. We did not have prior experience with this business, but we were extremely happy with the product. The price was very reasonable as well. I would recommend this place to anybody wishing to have a fun “out of the box” birthday party. Bonus, kids were so worn out they came home and took a nap (three year old sister too)!

    Jake M.
  • Its a great place my kids are really enjoying the experience

    Eddie M.
  • This was our first day but I like it they're very personable and the children loved it

    Kandy D.
  • watching the students learn and get excited when they achieve what they were taught. The staff is awesome always happy and hands on.

    Joy D.
  • Very amazing stuff. Love the staff and owners. Amazing with the kids

    Kassadie E.
  • Energetic instructors, great after school program, fantastic camps! Learn discipline, responsibility, and self confidence.

    Jennifer W.
  • Wolfe Pack is like a second family. They are very good at helping people reach their full potential, regardless of where they are physically or their self-esteem. They have several students who compete on a national level.

    Robert R.
  • Great Staff and coaches. Excellent programing by coaches that are among the best in the country (really, owners have been named among the top 10 in the nation). They also have a safe and fun after school program and summer camps. I highly recommend Wolfe pack. TKD.

    Angela C.

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